Take Advantage of This Retrofitting System to Reduce Heat Loss From Older Windows


Wellington and its nearby cities, such as Palmerston North, may be located in the North Island, but that doesn’t mean residents don’t see their fair share of cold weather. Frosts are fairly common between May and September in many areas, and our notorious winter winds can often make it feel even colder than it is. The combination of winds and sometimes below-freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on a household’s heating bills, but did you know that there’s an easy step homeowners can take toward reducing them?

Aging windows and doors are a leading source of heat loss in the winter, particularly in older homes. New construction projects typically use double glazing in Wellington to mitigate the effects of heat loss. Double glazed windows work by trapping air or other heavy gases between the two panes of glass for added insulation. They allow as much sunlight to shine through as normal windows, but hold in heat much more effectively.

In addition to providing better insulation, leading to lower energy consumption, double glazed windows are also quite effective at reducing external noise and avoiding condensation buildup on the windows when it gets cold. In order to confer all of these benefits upon inhabitants, windows must be properly installed by a trained professionals and be comprised of multiple layers with good seals. This helps to keep out wind and moisture as well as cold air.

Unfortunately, those purchasing or already living in older homes often do not have the luxury of hiring someone to install entirely new windows. No one wants to continuously foot exorbitantly high energy bills, but new windows are also expensive. Retrofit double glazing costs in Wellington and the surrounding areas doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive, though. Our technique for double glazing in Palmerston North can help reduce initial investment cost as well as long-term heating bills. When used in the context of retrofitting, it involves the replacement of exclusively less efficient single-glaze glass, instead of replacing the entire window.

If you’re looking into the cost of retrofit double glazing in Wellington,  our unique dry glaze system allows you to retrofit your home’s doors and windows to provide better insulation without having to replace them completely. Learn more about Thermawood’s revolutionary retrofitting techniques today at www.thermawood.co.nz.


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