Tips to Bring Your Winter Energy Bills Down


Let’s face it, most of us homeowners in Wellington, New Zealand, watch our energy bills escalate in winter but we see it as inevitable – we have to keep warm after all. Long, hot showers, electric blankets, central heating, space heaters all guzzle energy. But there is no need to accept higher energy bills as a necessary evil.

The fact is there plenty of simple, proven ways to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are our best suggestion s for spending less on your energy bills this winter.

Top Tips To Bring Your Winter Energy Bills Down

Reduce Heat Loss through Windows and Doors

Reducing heat loss through windows and doors can greatly save you on heating bills. Make sure you cover your windows and doors as well as the surrounding wall with curtains and/or DIY film kits to eliminate heat loss.

Close Your Curtains At Dusk

Be sure to draw your curtains at dusk to keep the day’s heat. Use thick lined curtains that are well-fitting to cover the whole window or door.

Replace Old Inefficient Appliances

Energy-efficient home appliances can help you save on your energy bill. If you have an old, inefficient fridge or dishwasher, get rid of it and buy an ENERGY STAR-qualified model.

Use Your Appliances Efficiently

How you use your home appliances can also gave a big impact on your energy savings. So be sure to take steps to operate your appliances more efficiently. Some simple ways to ensure efficient of appliances include:

– scraping (instead of rinsing) food scraps off your dishes before loading
– always running your dishwasher with a full load
– letting your dishes air dry (rather than placing them on the drying rack)
– utilizing the economy setting on your dishwasher
– using cold water when doing laundry
– drying heavier clothing items and towels in a separate load from light-weight clothing items
– defrosting fridges and freezers
– making sure that the fridge door seals are airtight.

Unplug Home Entertainment Systems And Appliances

Unplugging home appliances and electronics, including TVs, game consoles, computer equipment and stereos, will allow you to save both energy and money. To make unplugging easy, consider using multi-plug boards that will allow you to turn off all of your appliances at the same time when not in use.

Use Heating Appliances Only When Needed

If you have heating devices such as a heated towel rail or space heater, only use them when needed. Alternatively, you can use timers that will allow them to come on automatically at specific times of the day.

Make sure your home’s central heating and hot water are off when you are out for the day.
And heat only the areas of the home you are using.

Reduce Your Hot Water Use

Minimise your hot water usage in your home to cut on energy bills. Specific tips for saving on hot water include: using cold washes when doing laundry on your washing machine, reducing your shower time and replacing the showerhead if it wastes water.

Replace Those Incandescent Light Bulbs

Replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy saving models like fluorescent lights or LED light bulbs.

Turn the lights off when you are not using them.

Keep Your Home Dry

Moisture trapped in your home typically increases your energy needs. So take steps to eliminate the dampness and moisture in your home to save on energy bills. Some tips for keeping your home moisture free include:

– fixing any broken or leaky pipes
– clearing and fixing gutters
– using a ground vapour barrier
– unblocking and clearing underfloor vents
– airing your home
– airing your bedding
– ventilating your bedroom
– drying clothes outside or using a vented clothes drier
– opening windows or using externally vented extraction vents and fans to get rid of moisture that accumulates during or after washing up, showering and cooking.

Draught-Proof Your Home

Take proactive steps to prevent draughts (currents of cold air that intrude into the house during winter) from entering your home. You can use excluder strips/draught stopping tape and expanding foam fillers to draught-proof windows, doors, loft hatches, ceiling-to-wall joints, and wall and ceiling fittings.

Put On a Cardigan

Turn down the thermostat and put on a cardigan or jumper to reduce your heating bill. Doing workouts will also raise your body temperature and eliminate the need to keep your rooms overheated.

Install Insulation

Add insulation onto your walls, loft under-floor, windows and doors to trap heat inside your house and reduce the need for heating. External solid-wall insulation will also improve your home’s weatherproofing and reduce condensation on internal surfaces to prevent dampness.

Retro-fit Double Glazing

Replacing all single-glazed windows with B-rated double glazing will not only help you achieve a quieter, drier and healthier home, but also allow you to reduce your energy bills and your greenhouse gas emissions. Generally, your windows are responsible for about 20% of heat loss in your home.

Retro-fit double glazing has been shown to increase window insulation in Wellington by more than 70%, minimising thermal transfer and making your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Installing retrofit double glazing windows into your home is one project you must consider this winter if you want to bring down your energy bills.

Retrofit double glazing cost Wellington estimates usually fall anywhere between $5000 and $10,000, but you could cut your energy bills by around $300 per year. You can expect the new double glazed windows Wellington systems to last for at least 25 years so your window upgrading project should pay for itself.

Thermawood Wairarapa Offers Top Notch Double Glazed Windows Wellington Services For Wairarapa, Palmerston North And The Greater Wellington

Thermawood Wairarapa are experts in double glazing for both new and existing homes, as well as commercial properties. We specialize in one of the best retro-fit double glazing systems – Thermawood. This patented system has been proven to significantly reduce heat loss, making for a warmer, drier and healthier home.

It utilizes a unique design that allows your existing timber-framed windows to retain their character while enhancing the comfort, warmth and soundproofing of your home. If you’re a resident in Wairarapa, Palmerston North or any location in the greater Wellington, we can come to you to show you how this systems at no cost to you.

Why not contact us today for free consultation. The team here at Thermawood Wairarapa are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing installations, and are ready to answer all your questions and ensure you can make informed decision.

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