The Top 10 Things Buyers Look for in a New Home


Buying and selling a house are two of the most stressful activities you will ever do. Everyone has different tastes and desires when it comes to their homes. If you are trying to sell your home then there are a few things you can do to help find those buyers and get your house sold as quickly as possible.

The top 10 things buyers are looking for in a new home include:

1. modern kitchen

2. updated bathroom

3. outdoor area

5. safe and secure

6. warm in winter/cool in summer

7. number of bedrooms

8. close to amenities

9. storage/garage

10. well maintained and presented

A spacious and/or well organised kitchen with modern appliances will be attractive to new buyers especially if they have a high energy efficiency rating. An old bathroom with out-dated fixtures and fittings will have most prospective buyers thinking about the costs of updating the bathroom. If more than 3 bedrooms most buyers would be expecting to see an ensuite in the master bedroom.

Different buyers will have a variety of needs when it comes to outdoor areas. Some will prefer a low maintenance yard with little or no planting to look after. Whilst others will be looking for extensive lawns for cricket games with room for a vegetable garden, a chicken run and a children’s playground! You cannot alter the space you have only make it attractive to as many buyers as possible.

Keeping the gardens tidy will make them look easy to maintain. A fully fenced section will be attractive to those buyers with pets and/or children. Outdoor areas should also be attractive as entertaining areas so some sort of gazebo or pergola is ideal for that extra room feel and for sun/weather protection.

Buyers will look at the windows, doors and fencing to make sure they are safe and in good condition for security. Another aspect with windows is their state of repair and whether they are double glazed and will assist with reducing heat transfer and keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Air conditioning/heat pumps are a useful addition even if log burners are available. You cannot change the number of bedrooms your home has but you can stage each room as a bedroom to show its size rather than having one as an office and one as a gym etc. buyers need to see beds in bedrooms to give them an idea of size.

Proximity to amenities will depend on whether the family has children or not or plans to. Being close to local schools and transport routes will be a bonus for your home for many buyers. Access to doctors and supermarkets are also considerations that prospective buyers will weigh up when deciding which homes to add to their wishlist. Many people have lots of belongings and maybe one or two vehicles so keeping you home and garage free of clutter while it is on the market will not give the impression of a lack of storage.

Not everyone wants to buy a doer upper so fix any maintenance issues prior to listing your home for sale. Fix any broken windows, paint in neutral colours any rooms that need tidying up, weed the garden beds, mow the lawns and clean, clean, clean!

Double glazed wooden windows in Wellington can be very attractive to prospective buyers as they help regulate temperatures inside the home and look fabulous retaining the original wooden frames. Thermawood are experienced double glazing Wellington specialists who can retrofit double glazing to your existing windows. Contact Thermawood for retrofit double glazing cost around Wellington.


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