Seven of The Easiest Home Renovations to Add Value to Your Property


1. Street Appeal

Tidy up the front lawn, weed those flower beds, trim the hedges, cut back the trees especially if they have grown so tall they are threatening to damage the roof of the house or the fences. Trees are great for shade but if too large, too close to the house they become a potential hazard in a winter storm. Take a good look at your driveway and the entrance ways to your property. Getting the driveway or path repaired or relaid can make a huge difference to the street appeal of your home.

2. Update the bathroom

If the bathroom fixtures are not white they will be showing their age. Pink and green baths went out in the 70’s! A clean bathroom with no visible mould or mildew will help your house sell. If the grout is black and there are broken tiles the potential buyers will be put off. Most buyers like the flexibility of a bath and a shower especially if they have children.

They do not have to be in the same room, although a modern home with 3 or more bedrooms is expected to have two bathrooms. Something as simple as replacing the taps and the shower curtain could be enough to give the bathroom a much needed lift.

3.Open up the kitchen

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home when it comes to buying and selling. Make sure the counter tops are not overcrowded, tidy up the cupboards (buyers will open them). If your kitchen and lounge are not one room consider knocking down a non-load bearing wall to open up the space and give the impression of more room. Do you need to replace the oven, stove top or dishwasher?

4. Paint

A fresh coat of paint will freshen up a home. Remember to prepare all walls and frames first, filling any holes and repairing any damage. Choose neutral colours to appeal to most people. You can always accessorise with brightly coloured cushions, throws or ornaments to add a splash of colour.

5. Clean, clean, clean!

Although not strictly a renovation project, giving your home a thorough top to toe clean will enhance the overall appeal of your home. A clean home is a cared for home. Employ the services of a professional company for a deep clean.

6.Update flooring

If you have dated or worn carpet then it may be advisable to replace it. Choose hard wood floors for an easier to clean and more modern feel. Although many buyers still prefer carpeted bedrooms for warmth. You can always add rugs to hard floors to soften the look and add that feeling of warmth.

7. Repaint, repair or replace windows

If you have wooden windows then a quick repaint can update their tired appearance quite easily. Consider replacing with double glazing to add energy efficiency to your homes appeal. You can even retrofit double glazing to existing windows to retain their character (handy in New Zealand where there are many character homes).

To add value to your home consider the cost of retrofit double glazing as a cost effective way to add value to your property. Contact Thermawood at for advice and a quote on how existing timber joinery in Wellington can be retained in character homes. Thermawood can also offer advice on window insulation for Wellington climate.


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