How Can Double Glazed Windows Improve Your Home


Winter’s cold temperatures, noisy neighbourhoods, and humid air can all contribute to your home being less comfortable than it should be. Although these issues seem unrelated, they can all be solved with double glazed windows in Wellington. New Zealand winters are bad enough as it is, but getting added window insulation for your Wellington home can make all the difference.


The simple answer is that double glazing refers to a window design where there are two panes of glass instead of one, with a vacuum space in between. This setup helps to insulate your windows more completely than a single pane of glass. Window panes are sealed into the frames with a sturdy sealant and sometimes the vacuum in between is filled with a gas as well if further protection is needed.


A normal single pane window does a good job of blocking wind and other weather, but is not always effective at keeping noise out or heat in. When you have a double glazed window setup there are many advantages to be gained, including these:

1. A warmer home during the winter

As already mentioned, double glazing helps you to keep the heat inside your house where it’s needed in the coldest times of the year. This is because the two glass panes create a layer of insulation that is much harder for the heat to penetrate than in a single window pane system. Did you know that of all the parts of your home, windows can be responsible for losing the most heat from inside? This problem can be solved by adding a new window setup.

2. Lower levels of noise from outside

Insulation doesn’t just help with temperature control, but it also keeps the unwanted noises from getting inside. If you live near a highway, next to some loud neighbours, or close to anything else which you can hear all the time, this might be a good investment for you so you can enjoy the quiet of your home.

3. Better air quality

Moisture comes in through windows, even when they are closed. Moist and humid air is not good for the health, but double glazed windows can help to keep the air inside your home drier. This can also lower the risk of mould spores entering your home and growing there.

4. Additional safety

Double glazed windows are safer because they are made from laminated glass which is stronger and able to withstand more forceful attacks than regular glass. Intruders will have a harder time entering your home through the windows, and accidents may not break the windows as easily as they would have before.


All of these benefits sound nice, but if you have an existing house and you don’t want to pay for entirely new windows, or you want to keep the character of the home itself intact, you might be thinking it’s an impossible solution for you. Actually, by retrofitting your current windows you can also enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows in Wellington without a full window replacement!


Don’t struggle through another cold winter with your house unprepared to handle it. Your electric bill doesn’t need the stress of trying to keep a house warm when all the heat is leaving through the windows! Investing in retrofit double glazing for your Wellington home could be one of the best decisions you make. Let Thermawood take care of the job for you. Head to now to get a free quote and see how easy it is to make your home warm and comfortable for an affordable price.


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