3 Energy Saving Tips That Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars


Research shows that electricity prices rose by 3 percent in New Zealand in 2013 – and this number is expected is increase further this year. If your energy bills are spiralling out of control, you’ve come to the right place! You could make some simple changes to your home and save hundreds of dollars every year in the process. Yes, it’s really that simple! Here are some affordable energy saving tips that you need to know about if you live in Wellington.

1. Invest in double glazing

Insulating your home is one way to drastically reduce your energy bills – and it could be a lot cheaper than you think. Many people in Wellington think that having their windows or doors double glazed will cost a fortune, but the truth is that insulating your home could save you more money in the long run, especially when you start seeing changes on your energy bills. Double glazed windows and doors will not only keep you and your family warm in cold weather but they also offer you more privacy and noise protection, a win-win if you live in an overlooked or crowded area.

Enlisting the services of a professional to install your double glazed windows and doors is imperative, and you should opt for a company with an excellent reputation and commitment to providing you with the highest standards of customer service. Choose a retrofit double glazing in Wellington specialist for long-term savings on your energy bills!

2. Use LED bulbs

Looking for sure-fire ways to reduce your energy bills? Try LED bulbs and become more energy efficient! These bulbs can easily be found in a number of stores in the Wellington area, and can last much longer than incandescent bulbs – providing you with more value for money. But that’s not all.

These bulbs consume much less energy than other bulbs, making these a cost-effective choice for people looking for affordable energy tips. You can install these bulbs in rooms all over your property, and unlike in the past, LED bulbs now provide you with a good quality lighting source that will illuminate your home. Give them a try and see for yourself!

3. Insulate your home

Insulating your home properly can prevent heat from escaping your property and stop cold air from entering your home. Alongside door and window insulation for Wellington properties, investing in floor, wall and roof installation will make a huge different to the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills. Again, it’s always best to call in the experts to do this for you so enlist the services of a trained professional, who will be able to insulate your home quickly.

Looking for high-quality double glazing for your Wellington windows and doors? Look no further than Thermawood Wairarapa, who can retrofit windows and fit double glazing to the highest standards. For more information about their affordable window and door insulation techniques visit www.thermawoodwairarapa.co.nz.


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